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The Most Valuable Scrap Car Parts for Money

If you’ve got a car that’s heading for the junkyard, you might be wondering how to get the most value out of it. Should you just call Yourcarintocash to tow it away, or is there a way to get more money by salvaging parts?

Guess what? There’s a way to get more value from your junk car! You can do this by taking out the most valuable parts and selling them separately. It does require some time, effort, and maybe a bit of frustration, but you can make more money from a car that’s otherwise ready for the scrapyard.

Join us as we explore the most valuable components of your junk car. We’ll break it down area by area, pointing out the items that bring in the most cash. Having a bit of mechanical know-how and some basic tools will be handy. Let’s get started!

As of 2023, the average household transportation expenditures in the United States have increased, reaching an average of $11,245. Out of this amount, $4,580 is allocated to vehicle payments, and $2,430 is spent on gas and motor oil. The remaining $4,235 is likely designated for maintenance and repairs.

The impact of poorly maintained or older vehicles on expenses is notable, primarily due to decreased fuel efficiency. For example, the average fuel efficiency of 2013 light vehicles was 28.6 miles per gallon (mpg), presenting a 5.4 mpg difference compared to the more efficient 2019 models, which averaged 34 mpg.

The age of a vehicle directly correlates with increased fuel consumption. Additionally, with prolonged ownership, car parts near the end of their lifespan, leading to heightened repair needs, often incurring substantial costs.

Frequent visits to the mechanic can surpass the actual market value of your vehicle. If your aging car has undergone multiple repairs in a short timeframe, it might be more practical to consider scrapping it. However, neglecting necessary repairs poses safety risks, as evidenced by over 50,000 car crashes attributed to vehicle failure between 2010 and 2012.

Beyond financial concerns, deteriorating car parts pose health and environmental hazards. Exposure to heavy metals found in corroding components can result in poisoning and cancer. Moreover, these pollutants can leach into the soil and water, causing harm to humans, animals, and plants, and contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.

Considering these factors, parting ways with your old vehicle becomes imperative. If you possess the skills and time, an alternative could be to dismantle the car and sell its parts individually, potentially recouping some value while responsibly managing the environmental impact.


Most Valuable Part: Sell a Junk Engine and transmission system

A vehicle’s engine serves the crucial function of converting energy sources like fuel or electricity into motion. The predominant method for cars to achieve this is through the combustion of fuel inside the engine, generating significant energy in the form of expanding gas.

The engine effectively utilizes this energy to set its various components in motion, including gears, valves, and pistons. Subsequently, the engine transfers this energy to the transmission system, which, in turn, supplies the power necessary to move and turn the vehicle’s wheels.

The malfunction of any engine part, whether it be a spark plug, oil pump, or piston, can disrupt the combustion process. This disruption can manifest as engine overheating, unusual noises, or even a failure to start.

Given the pivotal roles the engine plays, it’s evident how valuable this component is. The cost of a complete engine rebuild can reach up to $4,000, while opting for a full engine replacement may entail an expenditure of up to $7,000.

As of the latest available data in 2023, the estimated global value of the automotive transmission market stands at an impressive $115.72 billion. Industry experts predict a substantial increase in this figure, projecting the market to reach an astounding $138.09 billion by the end of 2026.

These statistics underscore the considerable value of transmission systems in the automotive industry. The transmission serves as the critical mechanism responsible for transmitting the energy generated by the engine to the wheels. Simultaneously, it regulates this energy to maintain optimal speed, providing drivers with the necessary control to adjust their vehicle’s pace.

For those with repairable transmission systems, there are viable options to extract value. Selling the transmission as-is to car parts buyers or automotive repair shops is a common practice, especially for those looking to avoid the significant costs associated with transmission repairs. Similar to used engines, there exists a market for used transmission systems, offering opportunities for both sellers and buyers in the automotive components sector.

Given the continuous growth and importance of the automotive transmission market, recognizing the value of these systems can prove beneficial for those involved in the automotive industry or considering options for vehicle repairs and replacements.

Sell A Catalytic Converter

If your car was manufactured post-1975, it’s equipped with a catalytic converter, and you might wonder about its value. The reason is quite straightforward — precious metals, specifically rhodium, platinum, and palladium, reside within the catalytic converter.

These elements play a crucial role in filtering and reducing the toxic emissions released by a car. This environmental responsibility contributes to the high resale value of catalytic converters, making them sought after in the market. However, their desirability has led to a rise in theft incidents.

Currently, you can potentially earn over $100 for your used catalytic converter due to the valuable metals it contains. Various buyers are interested in these components, including parts recyclers, individual buyers, scrap yards, and specialized scrap catalytic converter buyers.

In the present market, the demand for catalytic converters remains high, and their value continues to reflect the precious metals within, making them a lucrative component for those looking to sell or recycle automotive parts.

Air Bags

Airbags are frequently sought after when a vehicle has been in an accident and its airbags have been deployed. If your airbags are unused and you have the knowledge to remove them, there’s potential to earn up to $200 per airbag. Even if you’re not familiar with the removal process, you can still sell them to places that specialize in extracting and reselling airbags.

GPS System

Electronics and computer-based devices in cars hold significant value, primarily due to their electronic nature. This includes GPS systems, which are highly sought after in the market. Various entities, including electronics stores, manufacturers, collectors, and other companies, actively seek used GPS systems. These devices can fetch a considerable price, making them a valuable commodity for those looking to sell or trade them in the automotive electronics market.

air conditioning system

A properly functioning air conditioning system can bring in additional income if you opt to sell its more valuable components individually. The compressor, in particular, stands out as a high-value part that can be either reused or remanufactured, ensuring that another A/C system can continue to operate effectively. Additionally, other components like the condenser may also hold significant value.

In the current market, potential buyers for these components include auto recyclers, repair shops, and remanufacturing companies. Exploring these avenues can provide a lucrative opportunity for those looking to extract value from their used air conditioning system parts.

some more valuable parts in Car:

Wheels and Tires:

Why They’re Valuable: Quality wheels and tires can be in high demand for resale, especially if they are in good condition.


Why It’s Valuable: Radiators contain valuable metals like aluminum and copper, making them attractive to recyclers.


Why They’re Valuable: Undamaged fenders can be sought after by car enthusiasts or individuals looking to replace damaged ones.


Why They’re Valuable: Intact doors with functional components like windows and locks can be valuable for those repairing or restoring vehicles.

Trunk Lid, Rear Hatch, and Tailgate:

Why They’re Valuable: Like doors, these components can be valuable for car repairs or modifications.

Windshield and Other Glass:

Why They’re Valuable: Undamaged glass pieces are always in demand for vehicle repairs.

Headlights and Taillights:

Why They’re Valuable: Functional lights are crucial for safety, and replacing them can be expensive, making used ones attractive.

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