Unpaid Tolls and the Journey to Selling Your Car

In the United States, navigating toll roads is a common part of many people’s driving experiences, especially when traveling across different states. This frequent use can sometimes lead to the accumulation of unpaid toll fees, which raises an important question for those considering selling their vehicle: is it possible to sell a car with unpaid tolls?

The simple answer is yes, you can. This is because fines like missed tolls, parking tickets, and others are tied to the car’s registration, not to the car itself. So, technically, you can sell a car even if there are outstanding toll fees linked to it.

However, it’s crucial to understand that the responsibility of paying these toll fees remains with you, even after the car is sold. Ignoring these fees can lead to increased fines and may even interfere with renewing your driver’s license or vehicle registration, depending on your state’s rules and regulations.

Keeping track of toll payments can be a hassle, as not every toll road has the same payment method. But when it comes to selling a car with unpaid toll fees, companies like Yourcarintocash offer an efficient solution. With a straightforward online process, Yourcarintocash can quickly evaluate your car and make you an offer. This service simplifies the task of selling an overused car that might have pending toll fees.

How do i know if i have unpaid tolls

Knowing whether you have unpaid tolls is an important step before selling your car, as outstanding toll fees can complicate the selling process. To determine if you have any unpaid tolls, there are several steps you can take:

Check Toll Agency Statements or Invoices: If you have a toll pass, such as E-ZPass, review your monthly statements. These should list all toll transactions. If you missed any payments, they would be noted here.

Online Toll Payment Systems: Many toll agencies have online systems where you can check your toll usage and outstanding fees. You’ll typically need to enter information such as your license plate number, toll pass account number, or other identification details to access your account.

Contact Toll Agencies Directly: If you’re unsure which toll roads you’ve used or if you’ve lost track of potential unpaid tolls, contact the toll agencies directly. They can provide information based on your vehicle’s license plate number. This is particularly useful if you’ve traveled through multiple states or regions with different toll operators.

Review Mail for Notices: Toll agencies often send notices by mail for unpaid tolls. Check your mail for any letters or invoices from toll agencies, which will indicate if you owe any tolls.

Look Out for Email Notifications: If you have registered an email with a toll agency or for electronic toll collection, check your inbox (and spam folder) for any email notifications regarding unpaid tolls.

By taking these steps, you can ensure that you are fully aware of any unpaid tolls associated with your vehicle.


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